The Ultimate Brake Rotors Replacement Cost Guide

Although you do not have to replace them as often as brake pads, it is a good idea to know how much brake rotors cost in addition to how much brake pads cost for your car. That way, when you inspect your brakes before going to your mechanic, and he tells you that you need to change them out along with your pads, you will not be taken aback by how expensive it is.

Introduction to Brake Rotors Replacement Cost

Having to replace the brake rotors is a standard part of regular car maintenance. As with your brake pads, your rotors are subject to the wear of friction that occurs each time you apply your brakes. The two components work together. That is, your pads must squeeze down on your spinning rotor to stop your wheels from spinning.

It does not matter how good your brake pads are, or if you are using a top of the line set. If you have rotors with too many imperfections, you will compromise the integrity of your car’s stopping power, as well as allow your brand spanking new pads to wear away much faster than their expected life, which will cost you more in the end.

Lifespan of Brake Rotors

On average, brake rotors last the life of two sets of brake pads. If you are easy on your car, you may be able to resurface your brake rotors to get longer wear time out of them, allowing you to go through the third set of pads. However, you want to make sure that you have not reached the minimum thickness indicator, which is cast into the rotor edge or hat. Resurfacing will cost around $15 per rotor.

This may or may not be cost effective for you, depending on the mechanic or shop you see. If it charges a flat rate for the job type, you will most likely save money. However, as some places charge by the hour, you will probably be better off just getting brand new rotors, which on the most conventional cars, say a Nissan Sentra, cost as little as $28 per rotor.

It takes the same amount of time to install a brand new rotor as it does a resurfaced rotor, but it takes an additional 20 – 30 minutes per rotor to perform a resurface job, and mechanics will charge about $100 per hour. In that case, you might as well get yourself some new rotors and be confident that your brakes will work.

Determining the Cost of Brake Rotors

To determine how much brake rotors will cost you, reference the price list below. We have included the price of brake rotors for the most popular cars on the market. The prices given are for the lowest cost aftermarket rotors that you can find at retailers such as Kragen Auto Parts (Oreilly).

When possible, we have shared pricing on the front / rear rotors for each car listed. If you are unable to find your car on the list, no worries. Just find the most comparable car, and you will have a reasonable estimate.

Coupes and Sedans

Audi A4: $56 / $52
BMW 3 Series: $78 / $77
Cadillac CTS: $62 / $54
Chevrolet Aveo: $36 / $23
Honda Civic: $33 / $27
Dodge Avenger: $38 / $37
Ford Focus: $45
Hyundai Elantra: $40 / $30
Infiniti G Series: $40 / $55
Lexus I Series: $90 for each front rotor / $50
Lincoln MKZ: $63 / $53
Mazda 3: $52 / $34
Mercedes Benz C300: $57 / $44
Mini Cooper: $36 / $30
Nissan Sentra: $45 / $29
Subaru Impreza: $74 / $72
Toyota Corolla: $42
Volkswagen Jetta: $53 / $28


Chevrolet Silverado: $40 / $44
Dodge Ram: $100 / $100
Ford F-150: $73 / $32
Toyota Tacoma: $40
Nissan Frontier: $50 / $34
GMC Sierra: $50 / $42
Honda Ridgeline: $75 / $52


Honda CR-V: $56 / $32
Chevrolet Equinox: $63 / $48
Toyota RAV4: $57 / $32
Ford Explorer: $52 / $37
Kia Sorento: $70 / $40
Jeep Grand Cherokee: $47 / $43
Hyundai Tucson: $60 / $36
Subaru Outback: $32 / $100
GMC Terrain: $63 / $48
Acura MDX: $62 / $50
Nissan Rogue: $45 / $34
Volkswagen Tiguan: $100 / $26
Audi Q5: $76 / $76


Honda Odyssey: $50 / $35
Toyota Sienna: $32 / $26
Dodge Grand Caravan: $52 / $60
Nissan Quest: $40 / $40
Kia Sedona: $56 / $45
Chrysler Town and Country: $52 / $60
Volkswagen Routan: $52 / $60

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